Carters director John Pillinger has owned and operated successful Garden and Roadside Kerbing businesses, including King Kerb, Budget Kerbing, Dial a Kerb and Comkerb up until now and learn’t and improved the trade. Now after twenty years you still get the same excellent service with a smile. With a lot of project experience, you get to draw a lot of ideas to get the most out of your kerbing budget. You need to come and see us. Colours and Styles to suit the style and flow of your architecture & garden Batched cementitious continuous kerbing Made to last with Australian made machines 5 – 8-inch moulds depending on footprint and retaining required Sealer available.

Kerbing Solutions is a force to be reckoned with. Our projects are not limited to only garden kerbing. Kerbing Solutions offers a wide range of services, including garden kerbing (garden curbing), industrial or commercial kerbing (commercial curbing) and road kerbing (road curbing) throughout Perth and WA. We enjoy a variety of work, including shut-down and maintenance requirements for major companies and have assisted many major renovations for restaurant chains, service stations and infrastructure groups. Builders, insurance companies and shopping centres are amongst our major clients.